I wanted to share my hard ice cream update with you guys. It has been almost three weeks since I have been trying new #homemadehardicecream recipes here at #emmaboutiquegourmande. I have been eating so much Ice Cream that I have lost all will to eat any other type of food for breakfast! It’s been ice cream this and ice cream that! My quest to make the #besticecreaminmontreal is coming to an end.

Confetti Hard Ice Cream

I am pleased to say that I have successfully tried enough recipes to kick off the season here at Emmsa’s in Montreal-West. Here are a few flavours I have in mind to start off the season, Lemon Meringue Pie with chunks of lemon curd and graham crackers and off course bites of actual meringue. Fudge Brownie is also a killer, with huge chunks of our homemade brownies and ganache swirled in our vanilla cream base, it is really decadent. Tristan’s favorite was by far our chunky cheesecake flavour with actual heaping chunks of decadent cheesecake swirled throughout with load of cherry pie topping!

But I think the flavour I am most excited about is our #Nutella ice cream. Loads of chunks of Nutella and toasted pralines all mixed together in our cream base. It is beyond anything I have ever tasted and really going to be a fan favorite. I know there are many options for hard ice cream in Montréal but once they taste my Nutella Praline Crunch, we will be at the top (cone in hand) watch out Montreal!

Nutella Hard Ice Cream

So consider this next time your in the west end of Montreal, come in to Emma’s and ask for our Homemade Nutella Praline Crunch Ice Cream on our homemade waffle cone! Yikes, I am smiling from ear to ear! Now set your calendars because Ice Cream season officially launches on April 1st 2017.

Okay so now that you have been updated on the hard ice cream, you want the scoop on our crazy new line up of Milkshakes? We are calling them M Shakes, they are these insane Premium Milkshakes ranging in flavours from #BirthdayCake to #NutellaOreoSkor, we are launching the M shakes March 1st 2017. Be sure to stop by #Emmaboutiquegourmande for your M shake starting this spring and by the way bring a friend because they are so insane you will need help finishing it for sure!


For the time being one thing is for certain. I will pend my evenings trying to come up with more new and exciting ways to satisfy your sweet cravings!


Creating More Recipes

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