Happy New Year

The idea of a new year has always been a major source of inspiration for me in my life. For different reasons, of course as the years have gone by, but now as a businesswoman and entrepreneur it means, renewal, revival, inspiration, and the final stretch before Ice Cream season hits us in full force! Once the season begins we don’t even have time to change our minds.

For the last year and a bit my kids, Tristan, and William, have been really on my case about hard Ice Cream. They love our old-fashioned Vanilla soft serve many people say it’s the best Ice Cream in Montreal yet, they always say “Mom, kids want options!!” I laugh because if you have ever stepped foot in our shop you know that we are an emporium of sweets and choices! But kids are the most honest human beings I know therefore I took their challenge on!


So, since the beginning of new year, while everyone I know is started a new diet or “lifestyle change” of sorts and vowing to treat their body like temples, I have gone rogue!

For the past few weeks every spare moment I am in the kitchen testing Ice Cream recipes, and well …. tasting them too ☺ I thought I knew all there was to know about Ice Cream, I have owned an ice cream shop for nearly two years now, right? No not at all. Hard Ice Cream is a different animal all together, it’s scientific and rigid and precise. Any of you who have read my bio know that rules and directions aren’t my strength. So, here I am years later feeling just like I did in 2006 when this journey first began. I am a bit lost, there are so many great Ice Cream shops in Montreal, we don’t just want to have hard ice cream we want to be one of the best shops in Montreal also!

Life is really a journey, I thought because I had conquered my fear of baking and turned it into a passion that my journey in the kitchen was decided. Wrong, another test of faith is here. Will I succumb to the temptation of buying pre-made ice cream? I mean, that’s not a bad thing at all. Many companies now have devoted their brand to preservative free artisanal ice cream. I could just buy it… But where would the fun be in that!

I guess in conclusion I am trying to say no matter what stage of the game you’re in, how long you have been playing the game, never assume you have learned enough or know enough. Because the minute you get comfortable, life has a funny way of poking you in the ribs.

I will keep on posting as my hard Ice Cream making journey continues! I must be ready as we will debut our flavours March 15th! I am excited and nervous and really open to any suggestions you may have! You can always email or call me!


And if you are debating starting a new project, don’t hesitate, start it! Life is way too precious to spend our time thinking about what we would love to be doing, rather than making the effort to try and do it!

Love Emma xoxo

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