Team Building

Emma Boutique Gourmande’s Team building events are a great way to engage and reward staff. Get employees all working together for you and with you. We have a long list of Seriously Cool team event options for every budget and group size. Can’t see what you are looking for….. then give us a call.


Cupcake team building is utterly delicious, creative, different, and perfect for teams with a sweet tooth! When it comes to cupcake events we seriously set the standards! With this engaging event, you really will ‘get to have your cake – and eat it!’ A completely edible event where you get to scoff your face on the amazing creations you will make. It’s also very cost effective making the event suitable for those with a lower budget. We can even come to your Montreal or Laval, or West Island office for this event!


Emma’s cupcake creations provide the chance for businesses and organizations to discover the joys of delicious icing, sugar craft and cake decorations. Using our professional resources and expertise, teams will be taken through the process of decorating their own cupcakes to a professional standard! You will create your own yummy cakes, enjoy the butter cream frosting and chose the cake toppings from the most incredible selection of edible decor! Have a dash of sprinkles, some glitter and indulge in wonderful treats.
The cupcake team building event will generate skills in confidence, communication, ingenuity, and co-operation or can be made just for fun! Unlike many team building events you also get to take the final product home!


Gosh – Yes! Who doesn’t like a cupcake! Emma’s Cupcake Creation is suitable for people of all ages and abilities and can be facilitated at any venue. Sessions take place indoors so aren’t dependent on weather and fitness isn’t an issue. There also isn’t any sitting around with boring Power Point presentations. Working with our professional cake makers, teams can have fun and create something that represents a genuine achievement. We generally find that the session lasts between 2 – 4 hours depending on your group size and the format you chose.


Teams will present their theme alongside their cupcakes, display and packaging in an ‘apprentice style’ ready for the final judging. It’s not all about taste and the best-looking cupcakes but the overall skills of teamwork, innovation, theme, packaging and desire to win! What was once a concept soon becomes an edible reality! New talents will be shown and suddenly you find you are the most popular person in the office!


10 – 200 Participants


2 – 4 hour formats
Very budget friendly event
Creative and Fun Team Building
No restrictions
Available across Montreal, Laval, West Island